Websites. They Matter.

In today’s digital age, websites are especially important. No website? No business. Or at least that’s what the bulk of your audience thinks! If you look at the demographics of Canada, the median age is 41.2 (Stats Canada, 2016). In Saskatchewan, that number falls to 37.8. Our businesses speak to an increasingly young audience that is technically adept. And for all the bellyaching we hear about Millennials (those born between 1980-96), they are extremely important to business! 92% have smartphones, and 85% have a social media profile (Social Media Today, 2018). As baby boomers move into retirement, Millennials and Gen X’ers make up the bulk of our workforce. They are always at the centre of our audience goals.

So. Back to your website.


Your omnipresent business card.

A chance for you to tell people who you are and what you do. Your website is an opportunity for you to build business credibility and make new connections. Developing content for a website will help you standardize your pitch and streamline your communications, making it easier for people to talk about you (nothing like word of mouth!), and making it easier for you and your staff to do so, too (strong websites are seriously important onboarding tools!).


Always on. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your audience can see you whenever they want, from wherever they want. Attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when building it means increased interactions with your website and a higher profile in Google search. This is why you want the pros (and Ben is particularly good at this…)!


An invaluable marketing tool at an affordable rate.

Websites are cheaper than print media, and easily changed. If you invest wisely at the development stage, your website can serve as an important tool for your business for many years. And most importantly, it’s a business expense you can budget for, and write off!


Ben and I love the challenge of building your site from the ground up. We listen. We strategize. We create. In the end, we work together to build you an important online tool that reflects the real you and takes your company where you want it to go!

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